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Pastor Fort's Family

About Pastor Fort

Pastor Fort has been in full-time missions ministry for thirty-one years. During this time he has pastored one church in Illinois. Has been the Youth Pastor of a Church and has helped several other churches start in the Chicagoland area. He has been the pastor of Mission Independent Baptist Church since 1987 at it's founding. Pastor Fort has a lovely wonderful wife, Sokvary who was a survivor of the Pol Pot Death Camps. Her testimony is on the Home page at the bottom for you to read. You do not want to miss reading this Miracle Story    Pastor Fort has eight children. One of our children live in the Chicagoland area and attend the ministry of Mission Independent Baptist Church. Keep your eyes open for the updates in the near future.


Our Pastor has tragically passed away as of July 24, 2022.   We are all heartbroken and sad that we don't have him here for his guidance and sharing of the gospel. We plan to continue the mission that he started if God allows it. Please pray for his widow Mrs. Roselin Fort; children: Job, Paul, Anna, Elisabeth, Grace, Sarah, Esther, Ruth, Lydia and Elijah through this extremely difficult time as everyone's hearts are so heavy now. We pray they all find closure in their own time.  If you were a Mission, Pastor or seeking a church and were in touch with Pastor Fort we welcome everyone to continue their relationship with MIBC. We don't plan to let ourPastor Fort's ministry die out.  Please reach out to our church members by phone 312-993-9555 by phone or text if we can be of any help or answer any questions you may have about what we are doing to keep our doors open at MIBC.  We are still at 3239 W Bryn Mawr Ave in Chicago, IL 60659. We plan to continue attending as many Chicago area parades as possible, if you are interested in passing out bible tracts with us feel welcomed to join us anytime (We will post our upcoming parade schedules on this website).